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Here’s a list of a few of the most important things to avoid when doing SEO. I am simply listing this to make you aware. In reality, if you build the site for people and are honest about giving them a good user experience without tricking Google in any way then you usually don’t need this list:

  • Link Exchanges
  • Buying Links
  • Trading Links
  • Any Link Acquisition
  • Buying Likes or Shares
  • Trading Likes or Shares
  • Hidden Text
  • Bad Spelling
  • Bad Grammar
  • Duplicate Content (copying text from another site)
  • Stuffing keywords anywhere
  • Over-optimization: Being way too extensive and thorough about on-site SEO. It needs to flow naturally
  • Spammy language
  • Creating multiple small sites for backlink or traffic purposes – tricking
  • Forcing keywords that don’t belong
  • Thin content
  • Bad design – poor looking graphics