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I am a very honest person. Let me tell you my SEO and Web Design Story. In 2001 I graduated from Boise State University with a degree in Mathematics and almost a degree in Computer Science. I went out and self-taught myself web design and web development. Within a year of graduating, I was building complex websites and online stores. In 2003 I started becoming interested in the Search Engines. I volunteered for two years on a popular tech site answering hundreds of questions about SEO. During that time, I read everything, studied under great successful SEOs, and really developed. I did SEO for my own websites, and I got my first paid SEO clients.

In 2007 I opened five online stores with my family, which is in a private niche and is where most of my current money comes from. I have been doing Ecommerce SEO since that time, growing product sites and building a massive online presence. I apologize that I can’t tell you what niche I’m in, I don’t have permission from my team to show you. However, we average $400,000 in sales. If you’d like to start an E-commerce company, I can help.

Not every venture I did was successful. We were pretty blessed with our online stores. SEO is only fully profitable about half the time, but sometimes it can be extremely profitable. Sometimes it can flop too, there’s just so many variables and it’s complex. But when it works it works well.

Most people in my field average an hourly charge of $125 dollars/hour. I feel that this is too much too charge some people, so I am keeping my rate to $75/hour as long as I can. I have to do a lot for free so I’m really not getting near that wage. I just think SEO should be affordable. I also work for as little as 10 hours on a project, where most people that are as skilled as me require a huge (at least $1500) upfront investment. I don’t think SEO should be so expensive. I’ll keep my pri├žes down as long as I can.

Over the years, I have specialized in Google updates, E-commerce, Facebook , On-site SEO, content suggestions, backlink analysis, and mobile analysis.

I’m, again, very approachable, helpful and honest. If you want to call to talk to me for 15 minutes about your site, I’d be more than happy. Just call me, I can many times help, and if I can’t I will honestly and quickly tell you up front as soon as I see that I can’t help. I’m on your team.