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I offer comparatively inexpensive and very honest SEO services. I do a lot for free and I only let you hire me if I think I can be profitable for you. Most SEO’s charge $100 to $150 per hour. I think SEO should be available to more people, so I offer it for $75/hour.

Minimum Project: 10 hours

Cost Per Hour: $75

Here are some of the services I offer:

Keyword Research
On-Site SEO
Content Analysis and Suggestions
Mobile Changes
Web Design
Backlink Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Adding a Social Media Platform: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn
SEO for Facebook (this is pretty simple)
Email Marketing Setup
Video Insertion and Some Video Editing
Fine Tune Check of Update Flags, Spelling, Grammar, etc. for Every Page.
E-commerce Suggestions
E-commerce Analysis
Google Analytics setup and Analysis
Simple PPC Campaign (Paid Campaign like Adwords)
Site Speed Increase