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Email Marketing, especially Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula email marketing system, is extremely effective for building a business. I use a service called Aweber.com for creating campaigns. Basically, you produce 4 videos and one weekly video (usually) and get people to sign up for these initial 4 videos and weekly newsletter. In the 4th video and every once in a while in your weekly video, you do a promotion to sell your products or service. You offer a ton (a ton!) of good free information and in some niches the email list grows really fast and turns into profit. As the list grows, so does your bank account.

I’ve studied Jeff Walker’s work in depth (Here’s a link) and it’s fantastic. It’s about having an awesome product and giving away for free something almost as awesome as your product in your 4 videos. Say for example you have a $10 subscription. If you build up 1000 subscribers through an email list, then that’s a $10,000/month income. Many people have done this and a whole lot more.