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The Importance of Natural Links Through Authoritative Content

The title of this post says it all. Let’s take each important word or phrase:


Link importance is simple. If another site posts a hyperlink (a web link) on their website somewhere pointing towards your site, Google considers it a vote for your site that your site is good. Whoever has the most links (backlinks as they are called) often ranks highest, but not always. All search engines follow Google, so just stick to naturally giving the user a good experience. This will help you in Google’s eyes. So you might be asking, how do I GET these links? That’s the wrong question. The correct question is in the rest of the title of this page, “Natural Links Through Authoritative Content”.

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Natural Links

Natural links are the only links that you really want. A natural link is a backlink that you didn’t solicit or hunt down, someone linked to you just because you had a good site, page, or idea. Natural backlinks are the only safe way to go these days. So how do you “Naturally” get lots of backlinks? You can sometimes. It’s “Authoritative Content”.

Authoritative Content

Content is any textual content on your site of any kind. Authoritative content is content on your site that is written by one of the best in the field, where the field is the same niche as the website store, service, or information hub. This does not mean that someone good at a niche can write the articles. That’s not authority. Authority is ONE OF THE BEST in the field writing the article. Somebody awesome! Otherwise, there’s no “authority”. Make sense? Many website owners make the bad decision to write their own content when probably only 10%-20% of the successful website owners out there have any business writing their own content if they want to make a lot of money and have a lot of visitors. Yes, if you don’t care about success, then sure someone just capable enough write it.

If you’re lucky enough to be a sure expert then seriously spend some time on the writing. No mistakes. Zero. Perfect. Express what your deepest knowledge on the subject is in a way that helps the article be one of the best. Of course check spelling and grammar thoroughly. Citing references is good depending on the niche. If it’s an academic niche then you bet I would cite all my sources. In SEO (this site) it is not near as important.

The most successful articles I’ve seen all had a length well over 1000 words. That does not mean you should always stop right at 1000 words. No way! You write an article or blog post until it completely and thoroughly explains the subject as a full authority. Go for more than 1000 words, but the content drives the article not the length. It might end up 2400 words. It could end up 790 words. If it is complete and thorough then don’t worry so much about the length. Longer ones rank better though.

Successful articles use great graphics, videos, and art. They break up the page with barriers, colored text, and big catchy headlines. It’s really important to break it up and make it fun in order to keep people reading.

The article should be engaging, drawing people in, helping them want and get more. It should answer all appropriate questions for what people might be searching for when they find the article. You want to keep in mind the search terms that you want to come up for and write content around those exact search terms.

A fictitious story

The process often goes like this (totally fictitious) Joe has a new orthopedic toe comforter that he designed and is selling. He’s got his website up and is going for search terms like “orthopedic supplies” and “orthopedic devices” and now he wants a piece of content because he knows that’s where the best backlinks come from. (We’re skipping over everything including social media here) Joe knows he wants to come up for the term “best orthopedic supplies” for his article. He’s seen a lot of energy devoted towards people finding the best supplies so that’s what the article should be about. Now Joe has been looking at orthopedic supplies for years as he’s been inventing. He can write it, correct? Wrong. Even Joe knows he is not an expert on all the different brands out there and how they all relate to each other. Joe could come up with it in researching for a while but that wouldn’t make him a many years expert like an authority should be.

Joe then called up the local orthopedic doctor and asked if he knew anyone who would be an authority and would be willing to write an article. The local doc gave him the name of a national author in the field that does the copy for a lot of the big websites. Joe followed through with the author and got a fantastic article to put on his site.

Everything’s in the title at the top of this page.