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Title Tag SEO For Beginners

This post shows what a title tag is and why it is important. It takes you through a real life example of changing a title tag and thinking about the different aspects until you have it just right. There’s examples in this post for WordPress users, but anyone would benefit from being more clear about this tag.

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What is Duplicate Content?

This post goes into detail about what duplicate content is and gives several examples. A lot of times it happens accidentally, and enough of it can cause an online business to get crushed by Google Panda. Google Panda can cause a site’s traffic to be cut in half if it get’s flagged. Be informed and do research. I give you the beginnings.

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The Importance of Natural Backlinks Through Authoritative Content

This post tells you about the importance of natural backlinks as a strategy to rank higher in the search engines. These days, the best way that is done is through producing authoritative content, content by one of the best. Many people make the mistake of writing their own content when someone better can write it.

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