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Weight Loss
Can’t shed the weight? Is willpower not working? Is it too hard? Is it a struggle and you just give up? Using hypnosis with your unconscious mind, you can automatically and permanently lose weight as a lifestyle change. Better eating comes naturally.

Quit Smoking
“I’ve tried everything to quit.” Sound familiar? Utilize hypnosis and the subconscious mind to overcome cravings and triggers. Change the addiction at it’s root cause. Nothing else has worked because your unconscious mind is the one driving the bus.

Sleep Better
Trouble Sleeping because of stress, thought loops, or constantly waking up? Use hypnosis to improve your relationship with sleep. Develop positive sleep habits and achieve the rest you deserve. Sleep well even if it’s been a long time.

What is Hypnosis?
Read this article to learn the basics of what hypnosis is, how it works, and how important it is to utilize the subconscious mind to create change. Tap into the vast resources of your deep, unconscious patterns.

About Me
Learn about why I’m in the business of helping people change their lives. Learn about my history and background, as well as what my aspirations are. I really want to help heal the planet and the people on it.

Find answers to the most common questions I get, including the definitions of the subconscious mind and what I work with. Learn what a session is like, what my skill set is, and how long change takes.

Weight loss, stop smoking, or sleep better

Although I work with many issues, I specialize in weight loss, habit change (like stopping smoking), and sleep.

Weight Loss

  • Can’t lose that extra 20 lbs?  50 lbs?  100 lbs?
  • Do you want an easier way?
  • Can’t control overeating?
  • Are you fed up with trying?
  • Try hypnosis!

Are you struggling with your weight, trying to use sheer willpower? Can you not stop your cravings? Do you have trouble making it to the gym? Hypnosis can help dramatically. It allows you to heal the deep inner beliefs and habits by tapping into the subconscious mind and doing the transformation at the source. Your subconscious mind is the part of you that beats your heart and breathes when you’re not thinking about it. It is the deep inner self that drives the behaviors responsible for weight gain. On average, a complete weight loss program takes six to ten sessions. Lately I’ve been getting dramatic results with people who are very overweight by doing an hypnosis process to make “healthy eating” much more important. This helps about half of the people I work with as a certified hypnotist, and can often help dramatically. Combined with working deeply with the subconscious mind, it’s often the difference that makes the difference in getting people to move on with their life and automatically shed a bunch or all of their extra pounds. These are people who have been struggling for years. To learn more about the hypnosis and weight loss program, click here. For a comprehensive article on weight loss tips, click here. Note that nothing is pushed on you, the program is about changing your subconscious beliefs and habits, awaking your inner resources and making changes on your terms for an automatic, permanent lifestyle change.

Stop Smoking

Did you start smoking when you were young? Have you tried everything to quit? Can’t stop? Don’t know why you can’t quit? It’s because there is an unconscious part of you that drives the smoking. There are reasons you have triggers and cravings. Hypnosis rewires those triggers at the core. It gives the part of you who smokes many other ways to get what it wants. Your unconscious mind is the one who pumps your blood, who beats your heart, who fires your neurons. It’s the subconscious mind that you have to make changes to. It’s the one driving the bus. Hypnosis does this by changing those unconscious triggers and reasons. It gives you your freedom back by changing the habits at the core. It releases and allows you to let go and live the life you want to live.


Can’t get to sleep? Can’t get rested? Do you keep waking up? Sleep is another subconscious process, run by patterns that you are only partially aware of (conscious of). Hypnosis taps into the reason why you can’t sleep even if you don’t know what it is. It changes the sleep difficulty at the source. It ends the thought loops and poor sleep. It’s important to see a medical professional if you have a diagnosis such as sleep apnia. However, it you just are getting poor sleep or are too stressed out to sleep well, hypnosis can be a huge resource. Find the sleep you deserve – overcome those thought loops – get your mind on board with what you want and sleep here.

Deep Subconscious Drivers

Doing hypnosis for weight loss, and sometimes with habits or sleep, we might run into deep subconscious drivers.Changing these is a big change. They affect many aspects of one’s life. Hypnosis is a fantastic medium for changing these core emotional drivers that we’ve had most of our lives.

An example of a subconscious driver that was formed during childhood is one of my clients who created a limiting driver from a negative experience with her parents fighting when she was four years old, producing a present day loneliness that led to eating “comfort foods” like ice cream at night. We changed it and she lost a nice chunk of weight without trying.

Another man who was trying to lose weight had some strong negative 00.feelings that were sabotaging him when he tried to eat healthy food. He would eat something healthy, get an upset stomach, have a strong negative emotional reaction, and then relieve himself by going nuts on pop and chocolate. We had him go inside and trace the feeling back to where it came from. Apparently, his mother had gotten really upset with him when he was five for not cleaning his plate and had forced him to eat everything he had. This had created an emotional driver that connected eating healthy to bad feelings. We changed the entire five year old experience using hypnotic techniques. This allowed him to be at choice about eating healthy food, not having to gorge himself on junk food after eating healthy. This was an important first step towards getting him to have a healthy, long term lifestyle of automatically eating healthier.

Another hypnosis client of mine had a negative experience with their mother in their high chair when she was a small child. She formed a deep unconscious driver around eating to show her parents that she loved them. When we changed that and it was a very important stepping stone for her getting over her plateau that she had struggled with on her own for years.

How long it takes

Weight loss varies, but on average it takes six to ten sessions. A few people have taken less than six sessions, and a few clients have taken twelve to fifteen sessions. It’s about making incremental changes towards a permanent lifestyle change.

Smoking Cessation hypnosis, whether in Boise or by phone, often can be done in three or four sessions. It’s important to get the sessions in very fast to “nip the habit in the butt” so to speak. We’ll do the first session to take care of all of the triggers, then within 48 to 72 hours, we’ll do the second session. A follow-up session three days to one week later usually seals the deal and makes sure the change lasts. Smoking is pretty consistent, but some people need a fourth session to be held accountable until the change has a chance to become complete.

Sleep work can vary largely, from one session to several sessions. Sometimes it will be a simple conflict and sometimes it will involve deep belief work.

A free ‘Weight Loss Blueprint’ session or a sample session for the goal of your choice.

I provide weight loss hypnosis in Boise at my office or over the phone/skype. So come lose weight in Boise, Idaho. Hypnosis is powerful, and you’re welcome to call me for a free “Weight Loss Blueprint” session to find out exactly what it will take for you to lose weight and how you can successfully do it. If you’re not coming to me for weight loss, I still offer a free 30 minute sample session where we get a blueprint of what it will take to reach your goal or overcome your issue.

Here’s my before and after image. I lost my weight through hypnotic techniques and nutrition.


I have over one hundred full days of personal development and hypnosis training. I’ve been studying personal development, the language of influence, and hypnosis since 1992. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool that has helped so many thousands of people, and I have dedicated my life to helping people with it. Again, hypnosis by phone is available. At my office in Boise, weight loss work is common. I also have had many weight loss clients by phone and skype.